Monday 11th February 2019, Qinzhou.
A quiet day getting oriented to China and having a bit of a look around Qinzhou. It doesn’t feature at all in Lonely Planet despite being a city of half a million. When I tried asking at reception, aided by Google Translator, about tourist sites I got a blank stare. There aren’t any! They suggested a number of shopping malls. The helpful receptionist phoned a friend of his who spoke English and our discussion basically confirmed this. Having now spent a day here I now understand why the city doesn’t feature in Lonely Planet! It’s not just because China’s so big.
Getting sorted out with the way things work here. Quality of the hotel and service is excellent. Everything is on an immense scale, many roads are 4 lanes plus cycle/ motorbike double lanes either side.
Western cards like Visa and MasterCard not readily accepted. Spent 2 hours trying to find an ATM that would accept them and eventually did.
A very cold and wet day. Tried to buy some gloves for tomorrow but couldn’t find a shop selling them. The closest I got was in Walmart’s where they sold clothes. I asked for gloves using Google translator and waving one of my hands. The assistant took me to the household section where they had rubber gloves for washing up!


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