Thien Yen

Friday 8th February 2019, Thien Yen.
A really good days cycling through some varied scenery. More karst rocks, towns, rural areas and non karst mountains.
In contrast to yesterday there was a much more positive incident today. I felt I was being tracked by a large black car. The front window came down and inside were two mums and a number of kids. They were beaming and encouraging me. About a kilometre further on at some traffic lights we met again and I gave them one of my RobertsRide18000 cards. A further kilometre on at another set of traffic lights the window came down again more beaming faces and the mum in the passenger seat exclaimed “Wow!”, pointing at her mobile phone. She had already been checking me out on the website and Facebook and was impressed. A much nicer experience and more typical than yesterday’s!
I’ve thought previously that since arriving in Vietnam at the border from Laos up in the mountains the route that I have been cycling has been nice and flat. Well my luck ran out today! Not hideous climbs but rather more than I’ve experienced since arriving in Vietnam. A good day nevertheless.


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