Halong Bay

Thursday 7th February 2019, Halong Bay.
A straightforward ride today with a lovely last 25km looking out at the karst rocks rising out of the sea.
I experienced a rather unpleasant first this afternoon that I can only describe as being abused and physically assaulted. The first incident involved a gang of teenagers on motorbikes who as they passed me slapped and hit me. Thinking they had disappeared into the distance I was surprised when this happened again. They had waited down a side street for me to pass. This was repeated three times. One of the lads even removed one of his trainers to hit me with.
Then when I was overtaking a teenage girl on a bike she kicked my bike to disrupt my cycling.
Clearly some of the Vietnamese teenagers are hooligans.
I’m fine and no damage was done but it was unpleasant.


The Haiphong opera house
Part of a global mural in Halong Bay



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