Arrived in Hanoi

Sunday 3rd February 2019, Hanoi.
Another overcast, miserable day. The 100km ride to Hanoi was also a bit boring. However my pace was good. I’ve clearly overcome the bugs as my average daily speed was the fastest for over 3 months.
Since leaving Bangkok just over a month ago my route has taken me through rural areas and smaller towns and cities. Hanoi in contrast feels a frenzy.
A couple of days here looking around and getting ready for China. I’m slightly chagrined at taking time out as I’m just one day’s riding away from hitting the 10,000 mile mark.


Establishing good relations with the Vietnamese police
The coat of arms looked based on the UK ones


A Fresh Expression?


A rather large palace at the side of the road. Unable to get into it.
Must be confident of selling a good many
Fair trade is global
Another day another hat

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