Tam Coc

Friday 1st February 2019, Tam Coc.

A great day with lots of interesting things to see.
I think my slog up the middle of Vietnam is over. The south and the north have all the attractions the central bit is somewhat lacklustre.
Progress was slow because I kept having to stop to explore.
Highlights were a Viet Cong military cemetery and the cathedral at Phat Diem.
I’ve mentioned before coming across unexpected little gems and the Phat Diem cathedral is definitely one of these. A mixture of Sino, Viet and European architecture it really is stunning. The inside is all wood which I hadn’t been expecting. Wonderful!
Apart from that it was the coldest day of the whole ride so far very much like an English autumn day, cold, overcast, miserable with a threat of rain.


Sorting out your fishing nets in the road, as you do


Look closely. Efficiency aid for watering the crops


Came across another bridge that wasn’t there. Replaced by a new one 2 kilometres away about 15 years ago I reckon


Tea could me made in the hotel room. I’ve never tasted tea quite like it but after a few cups you get used to it.


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