Dien Chau, Vietnam

Wednesday 30th January 2019, Dien Chau.
A cold (that’s about 20 degs C), miserable, grey and rainy day. I was lucky to get away just with some drizzle. The first rain for a couple of months.
However a good days cycling and I gradually seem to be shaking off this cough and cold but as ever everything’s on a knife edge.
The route was both fascinating and a bit disconcerting. In preparation for going into China next where Facebook and Google are blocked I’ve started using Maps.Me for navigation rather than Google Maps. This took me across country through paddy fields on the car route! It was so uneven I even had to get off the bike and walk at times. The route worked and you see things you otherwise wouldn’t but it was not what I had been expecting.


Logistics in operation at the roadside. Bananas being broken down from the truck and given to all the motorcyclists to sell.


Additional layers today
This is the route for a car?
And gets a bit harder…..

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