Mission Stats to date: 18/1/19

For techies a few stats about the ride so far;

Now cycled 9,326 miles (15,009 kilometres) as of 18/01/2019
Elapsed time taken since start on April 7th 2018, 9 months 12 days (286 days)
Time out for family holidays 30 days
Time out waiting for bike to be repaired 20 days
Time out ill 9 days
Therefore days actually travelling 227 (this number includes days cycling, rest/sightseeing days and flying days)
Maximum distance in a day 118km
Maximum climb in a day 1,631m
Highest peak 1,464m
Maximum speed 62km/hr
Total climb 80km (50m)
Fastest average speed over a day 24km/hr
Slowest average speed over a day 10km/hr
Bike plus luggage 50kg
Countries 21
Continents 3

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