Back into Thailand: Kantharalak

Wednesday 9th January, Kantharalak.
A great but tough day. Equalled the longest daily ride of 118km. The start involved the crossing of the Dangrek mountains a narrow range but with a very steep ascent. Again very hot.
Not only was crossing back into Thailand at my chosen border crossing straightforward as it was a remote mountain one hardly anyone else was there. The whole thing took 10 minutes including exiting Cambodia an getting the Thai visa.
Perhaps someone can explain why I’m feeling more tired at the end of each day than before the 2 week Christmas rest. Also not having suffered from saddle soreness it has restarted post Christmas. Clearly a long break does not seem to be a good idea!

You can follow this day’s journey on RELIVE by clicking here.


A shrine being constructed


Tamok’s house, one of Pol Pot’s henchmen


Realised that one of the things that I had been missing in Cambodia was not seeing the monarch’s portrait every few hundred metres
A furniture store. The furniture here is all very heavy and has a very shiny varnish

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