Sisophon: Clash with ATM!

Thursday 3rd January, Sisophon.
This had been a good day until right at the end. A 106km ride from Thailand into Cambodia. Just an hours delay getting across the border with all the checks.
Now on my 20th country.
Then when I had arrived in Sisophon I went to get some Cambodian Riels from an ATM. Not helped by it being dusk I walked into a glass door in front of the ATM. Left knee now playing up. Then the ATM swallowed my bank card! Got to go back to the bank tomorrow morning to try and retrieve it. Delaying my start for Siem Reap.
Let’s see what tomorrow morning brings.

Being welcomed by the Cambodian Police


Thai bus shelter – good place to stop for a break


The Thai Border
Small quantities of petrol for sale at the roadside

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