Arrived in Siem Reap

Friday 4th January 2019.

And so my struggle with the ATM continued. Fortunately was able to retrieve my card from the bank staff fairly quickly. Realised that there was a design fault (I won’t go into details).
Having another go to get some Cambodian Riels, at the instigation of the staff, I discovered that the machine only dispensed US dollars. To get Riels you have to take the dollars to a money exchange man not the bank! This was however not before I had tried to extract half a million dollars entering as the quantity the number of Riels I was after. Exchange rate £1 is over 5,000 Riels.
Then to the delayed ride. Knee swollen and kept going by ice and ibuprofen. 105km hot and windy but made it through to Siem Reap.
Looking around Angkor Wat tomorrow. Might even take 2 days over it after reading Lonely Planet and considering the knee.

Mai practised his English with me


Cambodian breakfast. Rice and seafood. For some reason I didn’t understand I was served both tea and coffee.


The kids at this senior school all ride motor bikes. The youngest that I saw riding one looked about 10.
Turning over the seeds.
Tuk tuk drivers here rest in style


Siem Reap cycle lane. Although for motor bikes as well.
Not quite sure what this is. Quite a number of them at the side of the road. The fluorescent tube was connected to a power supply.


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