Now in Bangkok

Friday 14th December, Bangalore.

A quiet day flying overnight to Bangkok. No problems this time with getting the bike through airport security. It is now safely in Bangkok.
Visited Freedom Park, a park/museum based around a prison built after the Indian Mutiny to house the increased number of prisoners.
I’ve replanned the route slightly missing out Singapore and Malaysia and going straight from India to Thailand to fit in a family break and Christmas together. As a result I will not now be doing daily posts until I start cycling again in the New Year.
It’s been a fantastic year and looking back I sometimes find it hard to believe all that has happened.
Thank you for all your support I really have appreciated it, especially the comments on my posts.
Have a Happy Christmas as the birth of the Christ child is celebrated around the world. An additional dimension to my journey.


The only way in and out of the prison in full view of the watchtower
Bangalore street art


Taxi driver was just going to place the bike box in the boot and let everything bounce around and possibly out. Eventually persuaded to tie it all down.


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