Kolar Gold Fields

Monday 10th December, Kolar Gold Fields.

Set off this morning with the bike and me equally fragile but we both made it to the end of the day.
Definitely a day of two halves. The morning was flat through small towns and villages. Very pleasant.
Then at the halfway point an ascent of 500m in 3km started as we entered a national park.
I was looking forward to the descent that I had earned but it never came. The next 50km gradually climbed another 500m.
Arrived just as the sun was setting. A tough but great day’s ride.

Having built the towers, and there was a whole line of them, we couldn’t then afford the power cables!
I shouldn’t really complain about my luggage should I.
Spotted this from the road and thought it might be a well but no……. its a rope making machine!


Buying provisions


My audience acquired this afternoon. One of the lads was very helpful in acting as translator for me


My look having acended

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