Friday 7th December, Vellore.
A good day’s riding of 106km through some changing and lovely scenery.
The tyre held up despite 30km of terrible roads due to roadworks.
When the tyre split I had 415km to get to Bangalore and the end of the Indian leg. So far completed 215 of these.
For cyclists I have 1. Transferred the split tyre to the front wheel 2. Patched from the inside with Gorilla tape 3. Reduced inflation pressure 4. Careful and slower cycling to try and avoid potholes, speed bumps etc Not always possible when the whole road is just a track.

Setting off from the hotel in Tirupati.
Pollution study front page news today. Rajasthan one of the worst states. Explains why I had that chest problem there.
One of India’s finest hospitals, the Vellore Christian Medical College
30km of this!


Mid morning break at the bus shelter.

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