Wednesday 5th December, Puttur.
Well today pretty well encapsulated all aspects of Round the World cycling. The morning weather was very wet. After 28km I got a puncture in the rear wheel. In repairing it I noticed that the rear tyre was well worn so swapped front and back tyres (already swapped them once you will remember). Then I discovered that the worn tyre had actually split (see photo). All of this was with the rain intensifying into a proper monsoon downpour.
Cycling on was with the thought that any second I could have another puncture.
About midday entered the region of Andra Pradesh. Here the weather improved slightly. They were growing sugar cane and starting to harvest it. I went out into one of the fields to visit the workers who were delighted with the attention. Great fun.
I managed to reach my destination without a further puncture but the hotel that I had identified but not booked in this small Indian town had stopped operating and just now functioned as a restaurant, but kept the same name of Hotel Annapurna! Fortunately I managed to find a room in Indian lodgings nearby, very basic.
Then removed the front wheel and tried to improve the split tyre by patching it from the inside with Gorilla tape.
All in a day’s ride.


You’re not going to believe this but all these ducks were on the other side of the road and crossed it, holding up the traffic in both directions.
So perhaps all those chicken jokes about crossing the road should really be about ducks


Oh dear!


This church had a front that is very appropriate for this time of year. Not sure about the other 11 months. (Pedants will point out that we’re actually only in the season of Advent, not Christmas ……..)

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