Crossing the Border into Tamil Nadu

Tuesday 20th November, Theni.

I expected today to be an easy ride as it was a short distance of 65km and a descent from the mountains of over 1,000m. Of course it was not to be.
After 21km with no descent along a “road” which was more of a mountain track with sand, potholes, stones and boulders I was starting to wonder whether I would make it. Average altitude was maintained despite a strongly undulating route involving over 400m of climb. This took 3 hours.
Then crossing the border from Kerala to Tamil Nadu the descent started. And sagar a descent! 25 km from the mountains to the plains below.
A wonderful ride but not quite what I had been expecting.
A new record for altitude reached of 1,464m beating the previous record in Spain by about 300m.

Follow this downhill journey here.


Crossing from Kerala to Tamil Nadu at 1,464m. A new altitude record.


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