A Day in Kochi

Saturday 17th November, Kochi.

Morning looking around Kochi and the afternoon planning the next few weeks.
I had a rare experience at breakfast where I was worried how much I could eat. The cause of this was lack of communication with the waiter who could not speak much English and my Hindu is even less. I was being offered, so I thought, a choice from 3 or 4 dishes. As these can sometimes be quite small I requested everything and somehow managed to get that over. 3 sizeable Indian dishes duly arrived which I finished and was just about to leave when 2 more appeared. Before I had finished these 3 more large dishes arrived and I thought, O no!, I hope there aren’t any more! Fortunately there weren’t.


The Catholic Cathedral


Chinese Fishing Net
This has been in a shop window for goodness knows how many decades. 30, 40? If you leave something long enough it will come round again, Charle’s 70th.

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