Thursday 15th November, Ponnani.

A long hot day but I finished feeling good. 102km which was about 10 more than planned as I missed a couple of turn offs.
Monitoring cyclone Gaja to see what I should be doing tomorrow.

You can “Relive” Robert’s Ride today by following this link: Ride to Ponnani

[Note that there are now many photos of Robert on his journey in the Gallery page of this website. Pictures are generally shown in reverse order with newer ones at the top and older ones below. Currently shows images up to the end of his visit to Turkey.]


A long stretch of road was being resurfaced. I was able to cycle straight through and avoid the diversion. This is me being allowed through the barrier at the far end
You can get anything in this shop so long as it’s bananas that you want
It must be washing day
Members of St Michael’s Bramcote May be interested in another St Michal’s in Kozhikode

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