Train Journey from Jodhpur to Mangalore

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8th – 10th November, Mangalore.

An eventful few days. The train from Jodhpur to Mangalore, a distance of about 2,000 miles, was delayed by 18 hours due to an accident on the line. This meant the journey ran over 3 days starting Thursday morning and arriving Saturday afternoon.
I was in a sleeping compartment of 4 although this was adults and there were 5 kids as well. The beds didn’t fold down during the day which meant that there wasn’t enough headroom for me to sit properly. I suppose I’m taller than the average Indian.
On arriving in Mangalore within 10 minutes the bike was at the Station Masters office ready to go. I need not have worried.
Unfortunately the cough has returned due to the fumes in Jodhpur and I’ve experienced another bout of the runs.
I had hoped that Kerala would be less dusty and polluted which I suspect is the case. It’s also however hotter and humid. I’m about to find out.


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