7000 Miles Completed: Pali

Monday 5th November, Pali.

This was always going to be a long day with a 109km ride with the first 40km undulating coming out from the mountains. It became much longer and a nightmare with 5 punctures of the rear wheel. After the 4th I put a new inner tube in. That didn’t last long. I then decided to swap the front and rear tyres and inner tubes. In so doing I discovered what I thought was the cause of the problem. Using a technique suggested by Ian Newton you turn the tyre inside out and the rub your finger along the inside of the tyre which is now on the outside being careful not to cut your finger if you find something protruding. I found a sliver of metal and was able to remove it with my Swiss Army penknife. Was then able to cycle the 30km to Pali. Unfortunately on my arrival the rear wheel was a bit deflated so there is more work to do tomorrow morning.
When you stop in India, however remote you are, you get surrounded by people some of whom are trying to help some providing a commentary and some just watching.
If you’ve read this far I did complete 7,000 miles today! But a tough tough day.


A water pump, very common around here.

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