Thursday 1st November, Chittorgarh.

Just under a 100km and a much better ride than yesterday on a decent surface.
Another example of a surprise gem of the fort at Chittorgarh. A Rajput fort on top of an enormous hill, 12km long and a kilometre or two wide. All protected by multiple walls like an onion.
It was captured three times and each time the inhabitants, men women and children, all committed suicide rather than be killed or taken prisoner.
It emphasises as some have said in comments how little we know of history outside of Europe and the West. It so happens thatI started reading The Silk Roads, A New World History, by Peter Frankopan. Reading the preface alone is an education and I suspect that this can be downloaded free as part of the book sample from iTunes. It’s a fascinating and different perspective.


Buying lunch.
Paying a quick visit to my taxi driver, Sunil’s, gym

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