Heading to India 2

Roberts adds detail to his flight from Istanbul to Dehli.

Thursday 11th October. Christine Cleave flew back to England and I from Istanbul to Delhi. Not without incident though.
I was just about to board the airplane when an official came up and said that there was a problem with my bike. It was too big to go through the security scanner. It had previously been through a scanner at the airport entrance, just. I said that I had followed the airline instructions and the box satisfied their requirements for weight and size. I was then led behind the scenes and made to break open the box so that they could see the bike inside. They had no tape or anything to seal it up again with and told me to just get on with it. By this stage my tape was in the hold luggage so I had to make do as best I could.
On arrival in Delhi the box duly appeared but with a gaping hole in it (see photo below). Fortunately all of the bike parts inside were large so hadn’t fallen out.
Bike duly reassembled in my hotel room and ready to go.

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