First Day Cycling in India

Robert writes:

Sunday 14th October, Vrindavan.
First day cycling in India and a fascinating one. Hot and dusty. Started with a mishap when Ieft half my water in the hotel reception. I’d ordered a large taxi to take me and the bike out of Delhi to avoid the traffic before I started cycling. What turned up was a small taxi. The driver and hotel staff were determined to get the bike inside twisting it and pushing it for all they were worth. I was doing all I could to restrain them fearing they were going to damage the bike. In the mayhem the water got left behind.
The 80km ride to Vrindavan was beautifully flat so had a good ride.
Vrindavan is where Krishna was born. As a result it is teeming with temples, cows, monkeys, pigs, Indian holy men and beggars.
The Hare Krishna temple was very active with lots of people and chanting.
Another 80km ride tomorrow to Agra and the Taj Mahal.


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