Friday 27th July. A day looking around Ulm which really needs a lot more time. I did wonder about an extra day here. The city boast the tallest cathedral in the world, the birthplace of Albert Einstein and the 40,000 year old Lion Man sculpted from a mammoth tusk. Not a bad triumvirate. The city itself is a jewel as well although much is under reconstruction at the moment.
The cathedral is overpowering both inside and out. It took 500 years to build and when the final part of the tower was built in the 19th century the requirement was that it had to be taller than Cologne, then the highest. Not I think a particularly justifiable aim for church building. However once you start looking on a smaller scale there are some wonderful stained glass windows, ancient and modern, and wooden carvings in the choir stalls.
Went to an organ recital, saw the Lion Man which is an incredible example of human creativity, given its’ age, and picked up the serviced bike.
Back following the Danube tomorrow.


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