High on Pizza

Tuesday 24th July. A really good day but more challenging than expected with a few hitches. Am now officially in Germany, my 8th country.
Awoke with nowhere to stay tonight having been let down by Airbnb, first room the host said she was on holiday even though she had the date as available on the website, second one the host couldn’t even be bothered to reply. Managed to find accommodation before I set off, only 6 km from the route. At lunchtime realised that the original locations were on the Danube and the new one although “only” 6 km away was straight up into the mountains and in a ski resort. So a lot of climb right at the end of the day.
Mid morning Google Maps gave me some options, the straight on direction was going uphill and the name of the road was Bergstrasse so I declined that. Right was along the valley which seemed a good idea, so I took that one. After a while it turned into a gravel and stone track for about 10 km, really beautiful but more of a walking path than a biking one, the only other bike I saw was a mountain bike. Really hammered the legs.
It always takes a while to get used to conditions in a new country. In the small villages I was passing through couldn’t find anywhere to buy lunch until 3pm.
Exhausted but ready for pizza downstairs now.


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