The great escape

Sunday 22nd July. Well this is more like it. A shorter route today of 62km. I’m back on the Eurovelo 6 route following the Rhine. Flat, a sunny day and going through lovely forests, along the river bank and through beautiful mediaeval towns.
Many of these have half on one bank in Switzerland and half on the other in Germany. I am staying overnight on the German side.
Which reminds me of a bizarre experience that I had getting to the hotel last night in Basel . It was an airport hotel in France. Google Maps took me through the airport complex to get to it, past the airport terminals and car parks. The route was then barred by a fence with the hotel, that you could see, just the other side. I was told that the airport land was jointly owned by Switzerland and France and each treated it as their own national territory. The quickest way for me to get to the hotel was to go into the arrivals terminal, with the bike, joining the passengers who had just got off planes, take a lift to the third floor walk to the far end of the building, take another lift down to the ground floor and exit to car parks on the French side. There were no passport checks or customs control. It was then a very short ride to the hotel.


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