Unusual Spokesman

Thursday 7th June. An up and down day fortunately finishing with an up.
A really good ride today of 111km. Much less climb than the last few days, a few showers and managing the niggles. Flatter but less interesting scenery, you can’t have everything!
Then just as I arrive at Carrión a few noises from the back wheel, a broken spoke. Carrión is a very small town. Will I be able to get it fixed. How long will it take? Will I have to risk riding the 90km to Burgos on it?
The only bike shop is closed. Next door is a garage where I ask when the bike shop next opens. I discover that the bike shop sells new bikes and the garage does the bike maintenance and repairs. Within an hour of arriving in Carrión the wheel is fixed and I’m not even charged for it!
So I can set off for Burgos tomorrow. Will have to see how the rear wheel performs, it’s not getting a great track record.



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