Stuck in Porto

Ed: Robert’s bike is suffering with a broken axle, and he is waiting for parts and repairs.

Saturday. So with nothing that can be done for the bike or to hurry up the delivery of the replacement axle over the week-end that allows the focus to be on enjoying Porto. Now trying to find those little gems.
Like the Cafe Majestic with its’ Art Deco interior of mirrors.
I decided to walk to a little village called Afurada, a few miles away downriver on the other side of the Douro. This was a delightful walk and the most fascinating thing about Afurada was the Public Laundry. Here the washerwoman were hard at work and singing together with gusto. Not what I was expecting today in Western Europe.
Then in the afternoon I did the Porto Bridge Climb. The Portuguese have an interesting approach to safety. First of all they give you lots of safety instructions. Then they put you in a harness and rope you with a caribiner to the safety rail. Then at the top of the climb just before you descend they ply you with port. I did notice that everyone else on the climb was under 30.
So a very pleasant day.


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