And so to Portugal

Saturday. I realised last night that I was in the heart of “real Spain” when as I was tucking into my Bull’s Tail Iberian Style in the bar/restaurant I noticed that it wasn’t football on the TV but bull fighting. It all seemed a bit predictable and formulaic until the 3rd bout when the bull got the matador. He was covered in blood but you couldn’t see whether it was his own or the bull’s. He looked rather dazed but got up and managed to finish the bull off.
And so to today’s ride which was both rather challenging but very rewarding. The morning was very cold and drizzly but it brightened up for the afternoon. The distance was double yesterday’s but actually involved a greater climb as well as descending from the mountains.
Came across some Roman excavations when I had lunch and then a bit later some dolmen.
Then crossed the border into PORTUGAL the 4th country (although I will be going back into northern Spain when I come out of the north of Portugal).
Tomorrow I should break the first 1,000 miles!


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