Sherry and Bridges

Monday, definitely a day of two halves. The morning everything conspired against me. Thayer were very heavy downpours and the wind was back, very gusty at times. Then Google Maps failed twice which resulted in 10 miles of detours. First of all to get off Cadiz, which is an island, Google Maps instructed me to take the nearest and newest bridge. Except that when I got there bikes weren’t allowed. So a 5 mile detour to the next bridge, that did allow bikes. Secondly a bit further along the Google Maps bike route it took me over a river, except that when I got there the bridge that Google Maps insisted I could cross with did not exist.
And so eventually to Jerez where I declined sherry sampling as I still had the afternoon fact it took me until 3pm to find somewhere to buy lunch. The supermarkets were all closed as just about everything else seemed to be as well. Not even a bank holiday or saints day here.
On leaving Jerez the afternoon ride was through the rolling Spanish Sherry vineyards. The weather had perked up as this part was much better.
Now in Lebrija, a small town halfway between Cadiz and Seville.

NoBikes Allowed

No bikes allowed!

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