Riddle in the Sands

A very challenging but very satisfying day. It was always going to be a long ride but ended up being rather further. I decided to avoid the main roads and start of on minor ones as more interesting and safer. I then discovered that these didn’t join up with the main roads where I expected and then found I was on roads that didn’t appear on my Garmin or Google maps. Navigation became interesting and I was dependent on asking locals for directions. One very helpful man drew me a map in the soil at the side of the road (photo).
I hit 3 significant milestones today. 1. I have now passed 500 miles iMorocco, 536 miles so far 2. Today was the furthest daily mileage since I set out at 71 miles 3. Today was the first daily ride greater than 100km, 115 kilometres.
Still nursing the knee but it’s holding up.
Fortunately a shorter ride tomorrow followed by a longer one with mountains on Friday to get to Tangiers.


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