Fighting Fit Again

Thursday. Le Relais didn’t start le petit dejeuner until 10am. I think Macron needs to sort out some working practices. So left without breakfast with early morning mist that fortunately was rapidly cleared by the sun.

First 15 miles was through an industrial complex. Roads were awful. Discovered that it was both smoother and faster to cycle on the dirt track shoulder. Then discovered that cars and even lorries did this from time to time. Have even seen locals trying to repair potholes in tarmac roads with sand! Richard Jackson can you come over to Morocco and sort out these potholes before I and my bike get shaken to pieces?
It was delightful to ride the last 10 miles or so with Salah, a keen local cyclist.
Afternoon looking around the ancient Medina in Azemmour.

Robert with SalâhEddinê Elkhãlti.

Robert with SalâhEddinê Elkhãlti

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