The rain it raineth…

It wasn’t meant to be like this – Episode 2.
Woke up this morning and it was colder and raining. Just like an English autumn day not Morocco in springtime. Delayed cycling and managed to avoid most of the showers.
Caught a bus, with the bike loaded in the luggage compartment underneath, with a motor bike to keep it company, to Smimou where I’d stopped cycling yesterday. Completed the second part of the ride to Essaouira.
Argan trees either side of the road for miles. Oil produced from the kernels is sold by many women’s co-operatives for food and cosmetic products.
Knee holding up better today. Have now covered over 100 miles, 122 miles in 4 days averaging just over 30 mpd. Having said I’d start off at a slower pace and build up gradually perhaps I shouldn’t be too disappointed given the knee niggles and the weather, especially the wind along the coast. It’s a Surfers paradise for a reason.

Rest day tomorrow.


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